Welcome; Hadeeh; Bienvenue

The Library Learning Commons is open to all students.

Please wear your masks when in the Commons.

Bridge cohort students, the Commons is your designated lunch room. Use the tables beside the book shelves to each your lunches.
To get to the Office suite of apps: www.office.com 
Logging into Microsoft Office, including Teams; use your school credentials:
email address: is your [username]@stu.ds91.bc.ca.
Your username is the one you use to log into the computers at school - usually (up to) the first 5 letters of your last name (eg. isaak) and then the first letter of your first name (karen). Put it all together and it becomes isaakk@stu.sd91.bc.ca .
password:  is the eight digits (numbers) that you use to log into the computers at school.
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