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Foods & Nutrition

Foods 8 is an exploratory course intended to create an interest in Foods and Nutrition. On completion of this course, the student will be able to:
  • demonstrate skill in using the basic principles of food preparation;
  • demonstrate skills of proper measuring techniques;
  • use safe and sanitary habits in handling food and equipment.
This course is very flexible and allows students to explore nutrition and food preparation through a hands on approach. This course provides many opportunities for students to actively prepare different kinds of dishes for themselves and others. Becoming a good cook or baker takes practice and by providing a lot of food labs students can examine their cooking/baking strengths and work on their weaknesses to better develop their culinary skills. I believe that food knowledge and skills will help students manage their lives more purposefully and effectively and enhance their personal well-being. Kitchen skills, safety and sanitation, meal planning, nutrition, careers in the food industry, environmental awareness, management of food resources, culture and food preparation will be developed through grades 9-12 and through foods lab experiences and conversations.



LDSS’ Culinary Arts program is a hands-on, exploratory course in nutrition and food preparation. Culinary Arts provides students with many opportunities to actively prepare a variety of dishes from a variety of cultures with the intention of sharing and practicing the art of cooking. This class takes an approach of active learning and requires regular practice for students to grow as confident, adaptable cooks in their day-to-day lives. Kitchen safety, sanitation, basic nutrition, kitchen chemistry, and meal planning are all content focuses to be explored during the cooking process, and are regularly explored during food lab experiences and conversations for students in grades 9-12.





See course description above (Culinary Arts 10)





See course description above (Culinary Arts 10)





Food Studies 11 and Specialized Studies in Foods 12 are specialized courses meant to explore best practices in recipe development, the artistic elements of cooking and plating, food pairings, and complex cuisine strategies intended to delve deeper into the art of cooking and practice as a whole. While this class does take an active approach and does require regular practice within a kitchen setting, the theme of this course is dedicated to food science, complex recipe creation, and advanced techniques used in creating high-end, quality creations. This is the course most recommended for students that are passionate and invested in mastering the art of cooking in their personal lives or are interested in pursuing a career or education in Culinary Arts.





See above description of Foods 11