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Math 8 consolidates the learning from elementary school with a focus on number sense and problem-solving skills.
The course includes units on:
  • Exponents
  • Rational numbers
  • Ratios
  • Percent
  • Graphing
  • Measurements
  • Geometry
  • Statistics
  • Solving equations
It is expected that students will use calculators throughout this course.

MATHMATICS 9         (required)
Topics or Focus:
  • Working with exponents, solving equations, and operations with polynomials.
  • Operations with rational numbers like operations with fractions.
  • Graphing and making predictions based on patterns.
  • Proportional reasoning about shapes and measures such as scale diagrams and unit conversions.
  • Simple interest, savings and budgeting, or analyzing the validity of statistical information.
Required courses for a Dogwood Diploma:
  • Workplace 10 OR FMP (Foundations and Pre-Calculus) 10
  • Workplace 11 OR Foundations 11 OR Pre-Calculus 11
WORKPLACE PATH: Fulfills requirements for:
  • Dogwood Diploma
  • Trades Programs
  • Some college and university programs
FOUNDATIONS PATH: Fulfills requirements for:
  • Dogwood Diploma
  • University entrance to Humanities, Arts and some Sciences (such as Nursing, X-Ray)
  • College Programs
PRE-CALCULUS PATH: Fulfills requirements for highly specialized programs such as:
  • Engineering
  • Medicine
  • Commerce
WORKPLACE MATH 10          (meets Math 10 requirement) 4 credits
Pre-requisite:  Completion of  Math 9
Topics Include:
  • graphing, trigonometry, and angles.
  • measurement and conversions.
  • surface area and volume.
  • statistics and financial literacy.
FMP (FOUNDATIONS OF MATH AND PRE-CALCULUS)10           (meets Math 10 requirement) 4 credits
Pre-requisite:  C+ or better in Math 9
Topics Include:
  • exponents
  • graphing linear functions and solving linear systems of equations.
  • multiplying and factoring polynomials.
  • trigonometry, probability, and financial literacy.
WORKPLACE MATH 11          (meets Math 11 requirement) 4 credits
Pre-requisite:  Completion of Workplace 10 or FMP 10
Topics Include:
  • understanding and applying the metric and imperial systems of measurement to 2-D and 3-D objects.
  • geometry and trigonometry.
  • financial literacy: income, spending, and debt.
FOUNDATIONS OF MATH 11         (meets Math 11 requirement) 4 credits
Pre-requisite:  Minimum 67% in FMP 10
Topics Include:
  • geometry (angle, triangle, polygon properties).
  • simple trigonometry for non-right triangles (laws of sine and cosine).
  • basic statistical analysis.
  • working with quadratic functions to model data and patterns.
  • using inequalities to solve problems.
  • rate, scale and logic.
PRE-CALCULUS 11          (meets math 11 requirement) 4 credits
Pre-requisite:  Minimum 73% in FMP 10          THIS IS A HIGHLY SPECIALIZED COURSE
Topics Include:
  • working with quadratic functions; solving quadratic equations.
  • trigonometry involving angles from 0 to 360 degrees.
  • operations with radical and rational expressions.
  • absolute value, linear and quadratic systems of equations.
FOUNDATIONS OF MATH 12          (elective) 4 credits
Pre-requisite:  Minimum 67% in Foundations 11
Topics Include:
  • finance (lending and borrowing).
  • basic set theory (organizing information using special math notations).
  • counting methods (calculating permutations and combinations).
  • probability (calculating probability and odds of events).
  • modelling data.
STATISTICS 12          (meets Math 11 or Math 12 requirement)  4 credits
Pre-requisite:  86% in FMP 10 / 73% in FOM 11 / 60% in Pre-Calc 11
Topics include:
  • learning the ins and outs of statistical thinking (how to read, understand, and conduct statistical studies).
  • taking an in-depth dive into probabilities and the role it plays in our lives.
  • One-step variable statistics, two-step variable statistics, permutations, combinations, introduction to probability and probability distribution.
  • a mid-semester culminating assignment - students will conduct a survey to the entire school to answer a question that they pose.  Completed project will be a write-up summarizing their results and conclusions that they may have gleaned.
  • a year-end culminating project - Casino Assignment: students will develop a simple casino game, calculate the probabilities behind it, expected value, probability distribution, etc.  we will then test the calculations by having the school student population gamble for a day or two.  After which, students will compare their real world results to their calculated results. 
PRE-CALCULUS 12         (may be offered as a video course) 4 credits
Pre-requisite:  Minimum 73% in Pre-Calc 11       THIS IS A HIGHLY SPECIALIZED COURSE
Topics Include:
  • Trigonometry 
  • Functions
  • Permutations, combinations, and binomial theorem
CALCULUS 12           4 credits
Pre-requisite:  Minimum 73% in Pre-Calc 12      THIS IS A HIIGHLY SPECIALIZED COURSE
Topics Include:
  • Limits and definition of derivatives
  • Integral techniques and application