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This semester course focuses on the development of basic communication skills. Students learn strategies to make them more comfortable learning a second language. They will participate in a variety of activities stressing the development or oral skills and comprehension. Students will also learn to write simple sentences on topics studied in class, as well as information about Francophone countries and culture.
This course is appropriate for students who were in the French Immersion program in their primary, elementary and intermediate years. The course is taught using only French and students are expected to communicate entirely in French. Students participate in a variety of activities, including the study of literary texts, to enable them to become stronger readers, writers and speakers of French, and to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of Francophone culture.
The students must have sufficient literacy and numeracy skills in order to graduate with a Dogwood Diploma. For students who require supplemental instruction, they may be registered in a Skills 8 block instead of French 8.
This course uses skills acquired in French 8 to build further confidence and competence in the language. Active participation in all learning activities is very important to develop speaking and writing skills. Students work with various language texts to develop language strategies and skills, while learning more about Francophone cultures around the world. 

Prerequisite: FRAL 8, or permission of the teacher.


Students strengthen their French language skills by exploring and reflecting on various types of texts, including literature; creating oral and written responses to a variety of prompts, and gaining a deeper appreciation and understanding of Francophone culture. There is emphasis on increasing the effectiveness of students’ ability to communicate effectively by using a range of language structures and strategies.


Prerequisite: Successful completion of French 9, or permission of the teacher.
This course places equal emphasis on oral and written skills. Students will use a growing repertoire of language strategies, vocabulary and structures to express themselves in the past, present and future time. They will also participate in short conversations, explore a variety of authentic French language resources, and increase their knowledge of French culture.
Prerequisite:  French 10, or permission of teacher
This course incorporates the four main language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing, with emphasis on communicating with growing fluency in a range of situations and for different purposes. There is an increased emphasis on written language. Students will learn to use increasingly complex vocabulary and language structures to develop writing skills, engage in conversations, explore and respond to a variety of authentic texts, and recognize connections between language and culture.
Prerequisite:  French 11, or permission of teacher
French 12 students continue to improve their communication skills in order to express themselves effectively, with fluency and accuracy using complex vocabulary, sentence structures and time frames. Students will work with a wide variety of texts to develop their oral and written skills, and gain an appreciation of cultural features and influences.
Prerequisite: Good work habits
Introductory German 11 is an accelerated introduction to German and requires that students have good work habits, as this course covers learning standards from both German 9 and 10. It is ideal for students who require a second language credit for post-secondary studies. It is also appropriate for those who have a personal travel interest, and/or cultural background in German. Emphasis is on practical everyday use of German, as well as learning about German culture. Please note: Simon Fraser University accepts Introductory German 11 as a second language requirement for admission.

Prerequisite: Introductory German 11 or teacher's permission based on prior knowledge of German
After successful completion of this course students receive second language credit necessary for admission to many post-secondary institutions across the country. Students will learn to use increasingly complex vocabulary and language structures to develop communication skills in a variety of situations and for different purposes, engage in conversations, explore and respond to a variety of authentic texts and further their understanding of German culture.
Prerequisite:  in German 11, or teacher's permission
This course is designed for students who have successfully completed German 11 or have prior knowledge of German. Students will refine their oral and written skills to communicate with increasing proficiency and complexity, using a wide range of vocabulary and language structures. Students will also have the opportunity to explore authentic texts (poems, short stories, various on-line media) to deepen their cultural knowledge and appreciation.