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Career Program Coordinator – Mrs. Dubé
Administrative Assistant – Mrs. Pelletier
Lakes District Secondary School (250) 692-7733 Fax (250) 692-4231
All grade 8 students will be enrolled in this course.  Students will be instructed on a variety of topics such as career exploration, career goal setting, value of work, economic & labour market, and educational choices.
CAREER EDUCATION 9          (required)
This course will be covered outside the timetable and a grade assigned.
Topics include:
  • Career exploration
  • Goal setting
  • Career path setting
CAREER LIFE EDUCATION 10          (required)  4 credits
*Mandatory Graduation Requirement
The Big Ideas related to Career Life Education include:
  • Career-Life choices are made in a recurring cycle of planning, reflecting, adapting and deciding.
  • Career-Life decisions are influenced by internal and external factors, including local and global trends.
  • Cultivating networks and reciprocal relationships can support and broaden career-life awareness and options.
  • Finding balance between personal and work life promotes well-being.
  • LIfelong learning fosters Career-Life opportunities.
Students should expect to learn the following:
  • Career-Life development:  mentorship, employability skills, leadership skills, collaboration skills, self-assessment, ways to represent themselves both personally and publicly and appropriate work behaviour.
  • Connection to the community:  ways to contribute to the community and society that take cultural influences into consideration, value of volunteerism, taking different world views (diverse perspectives) and employment marketing strategies.
  • Career-Life planning:  Career-Life development research, methods of organizing and maintaining authentic Career-Life evidence, decision making, innovative thinking, flexible planning and goal setting, financial planning, pre-graduation and post-graduation opportunities and local and global labour and market trends.
CAREER LIFE CONNECTIONS          (required)  4 credits
*Mandatory Graduation Requirement
Grade 11 - Complete Career-Life Education Course (2 credits) and begin Career-Life Connections course (2 credits)
Students will explore personal Career-Life development, focusing on growth in competencies, discussing strengths and Career-Life goals and preparing to showcase their capstone project in Grade 12.
Grade 12 - Complete Career-Life Connections Course (2 credits)
The capstone is a rigorous learning opportunity for students to reflect and share in personally meaningful ways and is a requirement for Career-Life Connections and for graduation. The purpose of the capstone is for students to demonstrate the knowledge, competencies and passions that they can offer the world as they integrate personal interests and strengths with preferred future possibilities. It is a representation of the student's learning journey and provides an opportunity to reflect and synthesize as well as showcase and celebrate.
WORK EXPERIENCE 12 A            (elective)  4 credits
Career Prep Work Experience 12 is a course offered to students outside of the regular timetable. This course is designed to expose students to different careers, develop practical skills, gain valuable networking connections and gain experience in areas of personal interest. In order to complete the course students must complete a minimum of 120 work experience hours. Hours are accumulated through paid work, volunteer activities, work placements, training courses or career exploration activities. The career centre offers flexibility and real life experiences to those students interested in getting a jump start on a career.
In order to be able to comfortably complete the required hours for XWE, it is recommended that students begin this course in their grade 10 school year.
Students must also sign up with the Career Centre in order to participate in this program.
WORK EXPERIENCE 12 B            (elective)  4 credits
Pre-requisite: Work Experience 12A
See course description for Work Experience 12A, but an additional 120 hours are required.
In order to participate in this program, students must sign up under a different strand than the one they used in XWE 12A.

IDS (Independant Directed Study)           (elective)  1-4 credits


Combine your passion with your talent to earn up to four-course credits in Independent Directed Studies!

You can work with the IDS teacher to build your course, based on training that you wish to take locally, and at least one learning outcome from a Ministry-approved course. Example: create an outdoor education focus by combining other courses such as Wilderness First Aid, Swift Water Rescue, and C.O.R.E. hunter training to focus on the Outdoor Living 12 learning standard of demonstrating responsibility for personal safety and the safety of others.


Or you can pursue your learning to develop a project that meets at least one learning outcome from a senior Ministry-approved course. Examples: write and direct your play, design and conduct your science experiments, design and build a useful invention, or even create a documentary. Your project topic, subject to teacher approval, must meet the required 120 hours to fulfill the requirements of the course.




LDSS offers many Career Programs designed specifically for Grades 10 through 12 students. Students are encouraged to meet regularly with our Career Programs Coordinators.
Throughout the school year, the Career Centre offers interested students the opportunity to participate in exploration projects in the following fields.
  • Agriculture
  • Natural Resource Management
  • Health
  • Trail Design
  • Local Government
  • Heavy Duty
  • Forest Management
  • Firefighter
  • Trades
Other programs offered through the Career Centre include Encounters with Canada, Junior Firefighter, RCMP Youth Academy, Project Smelter, Youth Work in Trades, as well as Inheritors of the Future and the P.A.R.T.Y. programs.
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