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Our Mission, Vision, Values

Lakes District Secondary School will provide all students with an education that honours diversity, promotes excellence and develops individuals who are responsible global citizens. Our community of staff, parents and students will work together to ensure a safe environment that encourages creative students and life-long learners.
The goal of Lakes District Secondary School is to provide a quality, comprehensive education for all students. This vision statement is intended to serve as a blueprint for development and a benchmark for progress.
To enable our students to reach their potential, we envision a future where:
  • students receive instruction in accordance with their individual learning styles and needs
  • the progress of each student is closely monitored and when a student is in need of additional support or enrichment, systematic strategies are applied to increase learning
  • course completion rates for aboriginal students continue to increase to the same levels as non-aboriginal students
  • parents understand and value the importance of being involved in their child's education and are partners in the school community
  • students understand and value the need to be active learners as part of the education process
  • course content and learning objectives are clearly established and stated to parents and students
  • community members are involved with the school to support the academic, social and cultural progress of students
  • students, staff, parents and community members consistently foster and promote our school values of being responsible, kind, respectful and honest
  • our staff is reflective of our community ethnicities
  • staff work collaboratively to improve professional practice to meet the needs of students
  • assessment practices are used to guide teaching and monitor student learning.
Our Collective Commitments
We have established these guiding principles as a basis for our values as professionals at Lakes District Secondary School. We collectively and individually commit to:
  • providing inviting classrooms that have clear expectations and specific academic and behavioural goals
  • consistently demonstrating and promoting our school values of being responsible, kind, respectful and honest to ensure a nurturing and safe environment
  • implementing formative assessment and instructional practices that promote learning and guide teaching
  • using a pyramid of intervention to support student success in a manner that is timely and systematic
  • promoting healthy lifestyles that help students make positive choices as they transition to adulthood
  • working with the community on structures that help students with their academic, social, cultural and emotional needs
  • expanding partnerships with First Nations communities to enhance cultural knowledge, language and traditions for students
  • staff collaboration that focuses on increasing student achievement with instructional methods that reflect current research and effective classroom practices.