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French 8 is a required course at the grade 8 level (exceptions below). The general aim of this course is to introduce students to basic French vocabulary and grammar structures relating to every-day situations. There is an emphasis on the development of listening and reading comprehension skills. Students will also be expected to communicate simple ideas in familiar situations in speech and writing.


This course is appropriate for students having extensive experience with French in their elementary school years (ex: French Immersion). The course is taught in French and students are expected to communicate entirely in French. A variety of activities will be offered to strengthen students' Fench language skills, in particular, the accuracy and effectiveness of their oral and written communication.


Students develop their ability to communicate in everyday situations in French. Spoken French continues to be emphasized and written French becomes increasingly important. Students work with a variety of authentic French language documents to develop their skills and learn more about French cultures around the world.


Prerequisite: FFral 8 (French Immersion 8)

This course is taught using only French. Students will engage in a variety of activities to strenghten their French language skills. There is emphasis on increasing the effectiveness of students' ability to communicate in French by acquiring a range of idiomatic vocabulary and learning to use correct grammar when speaking and writing.

FRENCH 10 (FR-10)

Students improve their skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing French by using a range of vocabulary and expressions to communicate in everyday situations. Students learn to communicate in past, present and future time, while working with a variety of authentic French language resources to develop their comprehension skills and increase their knowledge of Francophone cultures.

FRENCH 11 (FR 11)

Prerequisite: French 10

Students continue to acquire and hone their communication skills in real-life situtations. The study of more complex sentence patterns makes it possible for students to understand, speak, read and write French at a more mature level. Students work with a variety of authentic French documents to develop an understanding of spoken and written French, and gain an appreciation of cultural differences and influences.

 FRENCH 12 (FR 12) *Provincially examinable course

Prerequisite: French 11

This course further develops students' French language skills. All four language skills are emphasized, including oral expression, vocabulary development, mastery of advanced gdrammatical structures and cultural enrichment. A variety of authentic Francophone documents and themes are used to provide students the opportunity to improve their French communication skills'.


The beginner level course is open to students from grades 10, 11 and 12 who are interested in German. Intro German 11 is an introduction to basic communication skills in German in a variety of every-day situations. It is ideal for students who require a second language credit for post-secondary studies but who may not have previously taken a second language. It is appropriate for students having a personal or travel interest in German and those who may have a cultural background in German.

GERMAN 11 (GER 11)

Prerequisite is Intro German 11 or prior knowledge of German

Upon successful completion of this course students receive second language credit necessary for admission to SFU and many other post-secondary institutions across Canada. The study of more complex sentence patterns makes it possible for students to understand, speak, read and write German at a more mature level. Students work with a variety of authentic German documents to develop an understanding of spoken and written German, and gain an appreciation of cultural differences and influences.

GERMAN 12 (GER 12)

Prerequisite: German 11 or prior knowledge of German, as determined by teacher.

Students extend and refine their oral and written communication skills through continued vocabulary, mastery of advanced grammatical structures and cultural enrichment. The development of all four language skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) in an everyday communicative context continues to be emphasized.


Infinity, mad philosophers and deviant cults, religion, war, chaos, computers and code, endless fractal art, and the language at the heart of the fabric of the universe; these are but a few terms in the history of math. This course is the study of the history of math, and will be equal parts history and math in practice. Students will develop an understanding of the key cultures, settings, civilizations and people responsible for the advances of mathematical knowledge and will accumulate an overarching framework for important concepts in math. This course will improve each individuals' abilities in math, as students gain deeper insights into algebra, geometry, number theory and the origins of the common words we often use in math without knowing their true meaning. Each new history lesson will be accompanied by an investigation into the relevant mathematical developments of the era. This will be accomplished through hands-on work and physical evidence, as well as playful investigation and problem solving. These lessons will be supplemented by the wealth of excellent math videos that can be found online (such as 'Numberphile' series). Finally, this course will be a unique opportunity to address the topic of social responsibility in the field of mathematics as we examine the trials and tribulations of historical figures and their societies, and consider the impacts of math on civilization throughout history.

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