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Career Prep Work Experience 12 is a course offered to students outside of the regular timetable. This course is designed to expose students to different careers, develop practical skills, gain valuable networking connections and gain experience in areas of personal interest. In order to complete the course students must complete a minimum of 120 work experience hours. Hours are accumulated through paid work, volunteer activities, work placements, training courses or career exploration activities. The career centre offers flexibility and real life experiences to those students interested in getting a jump start on a career.

In order to be able to comfortably complete the required hours for XWE, it is recommended that students begin this course in their grade 10 school year.

Students must also sign up with the Career Centre in order to participate in this program.



Prerequisite: Career Prep Work Experience 12A

See career prep page.

Same description as XWE 12A, but an additional 120 hours are required.

In order to participate in this program, students must sign up under a different strand than the one they used in XWE 12A.


LAW 12

Prerequisite: Social Studies 11

This courseis designed to provide students with a working knowledge of the Canadian legal system and its laws and components. Main topics of discussion are the history of law in Canada, the criminal justice system including contract law; and international law. This course will be worked individually through modules in the Senior Alternate classroom.

PSYCHOLOY 11 (PSYC 11) *Board Authorized course

Have you ever wondered why you automatically sit in a certain chair when you enter a room? Have you ever watched a magician and struggled to figure out how that trick worked? Have you ever tricked yourself into believing something you know isn't true, and then realized you're pretty good at convincing yourself of things?

Do you think dogs have thoughts? Do you think they think in the same way as humans do? Why does it feel like our hearts are literally sinking when we're sad? Why do we tremble and shake when we have to present to our peers, but we don't mind chatting with them? Why does being asked questions over and over make us subtly nod in agreement?

Psychology doesn't promise to have the answers, but it attempts to try. This course is the only social science offered at LDSS, and covers historical approaches for figuring out "why we do the things we do". It also explores the biological and chemical makeup of our brains, our challenges in perceiving and acting in the world, as well as different approaches to overcoming those challenges, and making therapy more than just a word we like to avoid. This course looks to challenge you to take an inward look on how you think, why you think that way, and how we -- as humans -- might change. The sudy of psychology is the study of the mind and behaviours, and seeks to offer students a chance to learn more about themselves and others, and engage with research practices for figuring out how we think, feel, and act.

Note: This course doesn't qualify you to diagnose people. Save that for the PhD.

TUTORING 11 (YIPS-1C) *Board Authorized course

Prerequisite: None you must have a teacher willing to accept you as a tutor.

Successful applicants must meet the following criteria:

  1. good attendance record: infrequent lates
  2. passing average in all academic subjects
  3. willingness to work
  4. the confidence to "take charge" of situations
  5. a basic understanding of the subject in which you wish to tutor
  6. a track record of good behaviour


The specialized tutors will:

  • participate in training
  • work on an independent, individual basis with "clients", or with small groups, requiring their assitance
  • complete assignments as requested by supervising teacher
  • assist the teacher in developing materials
  • work with the supervising teacher as requested
  • practice excellent communications skills, including confidentiality aspect

Note: This is a participatory course; therefore, attendance and promptnessare mandatory. Tutors are required to be excellent role models.

TUTORING 12 (YIPST 2C) *Board Authorized course

Prerequisite: LD Tutoring 11

Same description as Tutoring 11 and builds on the skills learned in the previous tutoring course.


Study blocks are available to grade 12 students only. Grade 12 students must consult with a counsellor before being given on study block. ALL students remain in the MPR or Library for study blocks, if they choose to remain in the school.

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